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Lloyd Scott

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Former leukaemia sufferer Lloyd Scott is probably the best-known fundraiser in the UK. In 2002 he walked the Flora London Marathon in a deep-sea diving suit and last year completed the world's first 'Under Water Marathon' in the murky waters of Loch Ness. He has been the recipient of the 'This Is Your Life' famous red book and last year received The Mirror’s ‘Pride of Britain ’Award. His past challenges haven't gone unnoticed and Lloyd has appeared on all major T.V. & radio shows in the UK and in every national newspaper, including the front cover of The Times and The Guardian. His appeal isn't limited to the UK - Lloyd has also featured in national papers and recorded radio interviews for countries as far a field as; America Japan and Australia.

Lloyd has completed his unique style of fundraising challenges on six of the seven continents - the ultimate being Australia. It is a personal ambition of Lloyd’s to complete challenges on all continents and in October 2004 he will attempt one of his most outrageous and toughest challenges to date - to cycle across Australia on an original Penny Farthing!

Leaving the famous deep-sea diving suit in the wardrobe, Lloyd will don traditional tweeds and cycle the 2,700 miles from Perth to Sydney in an attempt to raise one million pounds, via a national appeal to 500,000 households and businesses, for CHILDREN with LEUKAEMIA. In the process he also hopes to raise awareness for a disease that kills more children in the UK than any other.

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